LETTERS: Denying cause no solution


Re: Can’t stop global warming, Feb. 10 column; Clearing the air, Feb. 17 letters.


Re: Can’t stop global warming, Feb. 10 column; Clearing the air, Feb. 17 letters.

What a relief? Environmental columnist Dr. Roy Strang and the climate experts writing in his support have relieved my anxiety.

I no longer have to worry that a human population of 7.5 billion people have any affect on the atmosphere. Unchecked endless growth capitalism will keep my standard of living high and technology will solve all my problems. No longer do I have to worry about melting ice caps or ocean acidification, those occur naturally anyways.

Forget the 95 per cent of climate scientists that believe in anthropogenic global warming, as they are ‘lefty’ authoritarian conspirators out to destroy my way of life. I’m going to fill up my gas tank and go skiing on the dirt.

I hope your grandchildren forgive you.

Mike Hammersmark, Surrey

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For those of you talking about CO2 and its effect on climate change, CO2 is just a part of the whole package. The climate has been constantly warming over the last three decades or so, and some of this is due to the human effect and the CO2 we have been putting into the air among other chemicals.

The CO2 warms up the air and causes evaporation, which creates water vapour. The vapour also creates warming and is the cause of the increased weather episodes.

The sea ice in the north is melting at a staggering rate, which causes the ocean to absorb more heat rather than reflecting it into space. The heat causes the ice to melt even faster and the vicious circle is in full swing. Now we have the tundra thawing out and when that happens the methane gas trapped under it is released into the atmosphere.

Methane is by far much more dangerous than the other stuff in creating way more heat. You don’t have to be a math expert to figure out where this is heading.

You can debate all you want, but this is something happening now and we and our future are at stake. Even for those die-hard people who think for some strange reason the globe isn’t warming, let’s just do what is best to clean up the earth we keep dumping all kinds of garbage into.

Brian Lauder, Surrey