LETTERS: Divided reaction to Don Cherry’s dismissal

LETTERS: Divided reaction to Don Cherry’s dismissal


Poppies were everywhere – on coats, sweaters, pinned to hats, collars, dresses, some with small Canadian flags in the center, others pinned to strollers, walkers or wheelchairs.

As I glanced around the cenotaph, where we all gathered to honour those who had sacrificed so much on this our day of Remembrance, Inoticed “those people” around me were as varied as “those” poppies.

I noticed one single, large, inclusive gathering of Canadians standing in unison around me to show respect and to honour “those” who fought and who made the ultimate sacrifice so we couldlearn, grow, and teach our children to respect all “those” with whom we are privileged to share this small planet.

I’m sorry, Mr. Cherry, that some lessons seem so easy, yet are so hard to learn, even by “those” in a position to know better.

Barry Cameron, White Rock


An 85-year-old Canadian, loved by virtually all hockey fans in Canada, who has a philanthropic side equaled by few Canadians, who has entertained generations of Canadians and for years has thanked and cheered our veterans made a negligible boo-boo and is fired on Veterans Day by a Rogers autocrat.

To me, it happened on the worst possible day of the year, for a harmless observation.

He was fired without reconciliation, by a junior Rogers employee. I can only conclude that Ted’s phone was out of order.

The buck stops with you, Ted.

Margo McDermott, White Rock