LETTERS: Dog trial opponent has change of heart

LETTERS: Dog trial opponent has change of heart


Re: Carry cookies, not grudges, Dec. 6 letters.

When polled about whether I agreed to dogs on the promenade, I voted no. I am not a dog owner, but my children are. I often walk their dogs and would love to walk along the beach but was concerned about other dog owners.

Would they pick up after their dog? Would they let it off leash or, maybe worse, use too long a leash that could clothesline an elderly person and cause injury?

Well, I am happy to report that I walk my daughter’s dog several times a week and he loves the promenade. Every dog owner we have met has been courteous and responsible. I did notice some dog poop that someone hadn’t picked up so I picked it up because I didn’t want someone stepping in it and I have several poop bags when out walking.

I have noticed an increase of traffic on the promenade even on miserable days, which must be making an impact on parking revenue and local businesses.

As a dog grandparent, I keep him on a tight leash but let him visit (which he loves to do) when someone requests it.

I don’t know (letter writer) David Wolinsky, but there is a man who often has dog treats and likes to visit with the dogs, and Cooper loves him. In fact, Cooper loves the elderly and young children and doesn’t mind being mauled.

Yes, I voted against dogs on the promenade but I have changed my mind after the first few months. It is a pleasure to see so many more people enjoying our beautiful city and I think it’s thanks to the dogs.

Barbara Gingrich, White Rock