LETTERS: Don’t wait for our complaints

LETTERS: Don’t wait for our complaints

Editor: Re: Search for better parking on Best, May 2.


Re: Search for better parking on Best, May 2.

I’ve lived just off Marine Drive for a number of years and complained many times to the city – when it was resident-only parking – about non-residents parking in the four parking spots in front of our building and walking down to the beach.

The parking enforcement van used to show up shortly and issue tickets where applicable.

A year or so ago, it was changed to “permit only” parking, and we all rushed out to get our permits, thinking this will alleviate the parking issue and make it more manageable for the city.

This spring, I noticed we no longer see the enforcement van cruising the streets, so I emailed a note off to city hall asking about this absence. According an email response, we can expect this to happen more and more often – especially during the summer:

“The Parking officers typically only enforce the Permit Parking by complaint only. If at any time you feel enforcement is needed, we can certainly have staff come by as soon as time allows…”

By complaint only?

So, now, not only do you have to break the law, you have to be seen breaking the law and someone has to report you.

Maybe people paid by my tax dollars should get out and do their job rather than expecting citizens to do it for them.

Walt Akerley, White Rock