LETTERS: Downzoning represents ‘bush-league politics’

LETTERS: Downzoning represents ‘bush-league politics’


RE: Legal action ‘a slap in the face,’ letters, June 12

I wonder, if T. Herath had been in the developer’s shoes, would he have had the same reaction to council pulling the rug out from under him at the 11th hour?

If the writer is as experienced in project management as he claims, he would be aware of the amount of time and money developers invest in projects long before they break ground.

If previous newspaper reports are accurate, the developer purposely delayed applying for a building permit as they worked with stakeholders to “tweak” the project, to make it more amenable to opponents.

Had they not done that, a building permit would have been issued.

To use that opportunity to downzone the project is simply bush-league politics.

The writer may be right that there has been too much development, too fast, but you don’t cut one developer off at the knees and in the process scare the crap out of any developer looking to invest here.

For the record, I’m not a developer and have no interest in the project, but as a taxpayer I’m sure I’ll wind up paying when the city loses its case.

Barry Collins, White Rock