LETTERS: Driving our costs higher

LETTERS: Driving our costs higher

Letter writers address ICBC’s rate hikes


Some thoughts on so-called tough decisions.

Last year, I paid ICBC $1,500 for some services it provided. But Big Gov took $300 of ICBC’s money.

Now, ICBC says it needs more money.

Big Gov already has a lot of my money in surplus. Now Big Gov says its making a ‘tough decision’ to let ICBC charge me $1,800 for the same services next year.

Wouldn’t the better decision have been for Big Gov to have given ICBC back its money and stay out of my pockets?

Signed ‘She with Ever Shrinking Pockets’…

Pat Wolczuk, Surrey

• • •

It is terrible price-hike by the ICBC. Compared to other provinces, B.C. has been charging more insurance fees.

Under the pretext of losing money, ICBC has announced another increase of $130 per year.

Gas prices are sky high. Car insurance also is unbearably higher. Therefore it is a heavy economic burden on drivers and making motorist lives expensive to run vehicle. What a great blow to the public’s pockets.

It looks totally unfair for those drivers who have no accident claims and have clean-driving records, but for them the discount slab remains fixed at 40 per cent.

Why does ICBC want to charge an extra $130 to those drivers who has been driving more than 10 years without making any claim? It has been long-existing discount policy set for 40 per cent by ICBC, but it seems whenever price reforms take place no attention has been given towards good drivers. The discount policy need to be changed.

Good customers should be eligible to get more than 40 per cent. We urge ICBC to give more relief to the good drivers.

Hanif A. Patel, Surrey