LETTERS: Eby’s show of support for Harmony project was appreciated


Re: Eby shows support for Harmony plan, June 23

Thank you Dave Eby, Minister Responsible for Housing (and Attorney General) for visiting here to talk with the terrific public-spirited folks who are trying desperately to do something concrete about the need for affordable housing.

One needn’t go very far on the streets of our city to be reminded that there is simply not enough housing available that ordinary people can afford.

Yes, the real estate industry, contractors, real estate salespeople, banks, etc. assure us that all we need is more.

More what? What I see happening is that simple affordable houses are being ripped down and replaced with over- the-top luxury palaces. It’s not what we need, but it sure makes good money for the folks in the real estate industry.

The Harmony plan would provide 91 housing units of the kind we desperately need. Yet it was blocked by Surrey council. Why? It would be six storeys high. But only a block away on 152 Street, a nice six-storey-high, more luxurious place is being built. Also more pricey.

Let’s thank the minister for coming here to try to support our local Harmony people. And maybe, just maybe, Surrey council could think again about what we really need in the way of affordable housing.

Bill Piket, White Rock

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