LETTERS: End the ‘nonsense’ of dogs on promenade

LETTERS: End the ‘nonsense’ of dogs on promenade


Re: More dogs than people; keep pier, promenade dog-free, Jan. 17 letters

I am in total agreement. There are so many places for dog owners to walk their dogs. They absolutely should be banned from the promenade and pier.

Dogs pee anywhere they want and picking up their waste doesn’t clean the grass or wherever else they decide to relieve themselves.

Give people an inch and they take a mile.

There could be a big red flashing sign: ‘No dogs allowed on the pier’ and people will still bring their dogs.

Let’s end this nonsense once and for all. Save the promenade, save the pier. No more dogs.

Donna Brydges, White Rock


The trial of dogs on the promenade shows almost every dog peeing on almost every tree and post. As days go by, the smell of urine grows stronger with each addition.

And many are abusing the regulations and walking their dogs on the pier. Our “heritage” designated pier.

A fine of $500 would be appropriate each time. Have the councillors walked the promenade lately to see for themselves? They all should.

Lois Racette, South Surrey

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