LETTERS: Enough with the ‘climate hysteria’


In a recent edition of the Peace Arch News we were treated to another opinion piece extolling the group-think narrative of man-caused global warming.

Citing global temperatures of the last 100 years is the convenient truth for climate crusaders, as they parrot their doomsday narrative.

Researching the history of global temperatures over tens of thousands of years, however, paints a different picture. Warming and cooling has been happening since the beginning of time. Our current global temperature is well below average.

Characterizing CO2 as the environmental bogeyman is the modus operandi of the globalist elites, such as those at the UN. It can’t be smelt, tasted, felt, or seen, but it can be demonized, quantified, and taxed. Truly a Marxist’s dream.

In reality, carbon dioxide is a crucial component for plant growth. More simply put, life on Earth depends on it.

Observing CO2 levels over the centuries reveals that it, too, is currently low.

Glen Gerow, White Rock

Editor’s note: According to climate scientists at NASA, “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that human activities are the primary cause of the observed climate-warming trend over the past century.”

For more: go to climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus

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