LETTERS: Environmental lip service

LETTERS: Environmental lip service

Open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You have ground your promises into sludge.

Open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

You have taken your promises and ground them into the sludge of the Alberta oil sands.

Your vow to respect Indigenous rights, your words about respecting the environment and protecting the beautiful coastline of B.C., were mere lip service to those of us who wanted to rid our country of the Harper agenda.

At least with Stephen Harper, we knew where we stood.

Perhaps you are trying to atone for the perceived sins of your father towards oil-rich Alberta. Perhaps you were trying to appease that province and steal a few Conservative voters in the process. This is a mistake; you haven’t won Alberta, you’ve lost B.C. Or perhaps you never meant any of the platitudes you spouted in order to win the election.

The Kinder Morgan disaster you have bought into is a betrayal. I am devastated and no longer as proud of my nation as I was last month or last year.

Shame on you, Justin Trudeau.

Harvey Ostroff, Surrey