LETTERS: Environmental offenders numerous

LETTERS: Environmental offenders numerous


It is impossible to put too much emphasis on the importance regarding the carbon dioxide (C02) that is being spewed into our environment.

The offenders are numerous.

To name a few: industry, use of fossil fuel, destroying our forests by clear-cutting and just cutting a tree to have a better view – and the list goes on.

It is time now to give legal rights to Mother Nature to bail us out of this crisis.

Trees use sunlight to synthesize food from carbon dioxide and water and generate the oxygen that you and I need to survive.

The environment minister would have done more good by spending 12 million dollars on tree planting and conservation rather than fridges for a multi-million-dollar grocery chain.

To claim the purchase of the fridges would be equivalent to 50,000 cars spewing C02 is questionable.

Michael Palmer, White Rock