LETTERS: Everyone deserves to be able to live independently

Rejection of Harmony project hard to understand


An open letter to Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum.

My name is Lauren Simpson and Harmony is a housing project that is very important to me because I know that it will make other people and me happy and independent.

I have been a Self-Advocate of Semiahmoo for five years and I am also part of the Disability Community and Inclusive Affordable Housing Advisory Committee. Being part of the committee lets me tell and give ideas that may affect South Surrey/White Rock, about what people with disabilities need, and make development of affordable inclusive housing in the South Surrey/White Rock area happen.

Harmony was not approved, and now I think living independently will be hard. Everyone in the community needs and deserves it, just like I do.

“In Canada there are over 100,000 people with developmental disabilities who cannot access affordable housing in their community, and the supports they need to maintain a good quality of life,” (Inclusion BC, 2020). Housing needs to be affordable and inclusive.

These things are so important because there are not enough places to live that are affordable.

People could be independent and feel safe and happy, but they are feeling upset, angry, and disappointed.

I do not understand why you, Mayor McCallum, and some council members do not agree with Harmony.

I am glad that three councilors voted yes. When I talk about Harmony, I want people to listen to me and be focused.

It is important for people to know what is going on with the housing project to understand what the people of South Surrey/White Rock need and deserve.

Everybody deserves a home. Everyone just wants to be included, even people with disabilities.

Lauren Simpson, South Surrey

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