LETTERS: Evolving education

LETTERS: Evolving education

Editor: Re: Taking sides in the gender debate, May 2.


Re: Taking sides in the gender debate, May 2.

Parents are not demanding the right to pass on biblical morality to the world – only to their own children.

Proselytizing young minds with religious doctrine does not happen in schools. Bible reading, prayer and God were outlawed in schools years ago.

Now, teaching gender-identity issues to students too young to understand is promoted in schools. In my opinion, parents alone should decide which view to teach their own children.

Acceptance can be taught and encouraged without specific mention of either belief.

Jenny Corenblum, White Rock

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Lest my silence be interpreted as agreement, I want to take issue with a statement in a recent letter:

“On one side you have biblical morality which comes from our ignorant and superstitious past, written by men who had no knowledge of how the natural world worked so they invented a God with all the worst of their own personalities rolled up into their creation.”

“Ignorance and unbelief are understandable, but distorting one’s own history is a costly bias,” Vishal Mangalwadi warns in The Book That Made Your World. Yet a distortion of our history is exactly what we’re seeing in many academic circles and within some spheres of popular culture.

The mythical mantra that “the Bible had nothing to do with Western Civilization” is one that is being touted quite often these days. The only way that we can combat this misinformation is with the truth: the Bible is part of the foundation of the West, like it or not. No other religion, philosophy, teaching, movement – whatever – has so changed the world for the better as Christianity has done.

In his debate with Dr. John Lennox, noted atheist Richard Dawkins said, “It has to be admitted, of course, that science grew out of religious tradition.”

Writes Dinesh D’Souza in What’s So Great about Christianity: “Christianity is responsible for the way our society is organized and for the way we currently live.”

Yes, I realize these statements are being widely challenged today by many, and admittedly its followers have not always lived up to its teachings; but I am yet to be convinced that the proposed alternatives have done much to improve our society.

John Isaak, Surrey

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I am not one to write letters to the local press, but the one from L. Myyra – regarding the Royal baby and “what a mess” – really ‘took the biscuit,’ as they say.

Absolutely astonishing that someone could write that, and that you would publish it. The Royal family had a baby boy and they chose, as parents, to tell the world exactly that – nothing about political correctness or related to any transgender issue.

This article is perhaps second only to a story you published about a boy at age three who decided he was transgender – he being the first three-year-old in history, I suspect, who actually knows what that means (Third-grader comes out to offer face for pro-SOGI rally, April 25).

Sadly, his parents believed it and promulgated it.

Arthur G. Self, White Rock