LETTERS: Exaggerated claims of promenade mayhem serve no one

LETTERS: Exaggerated claims of promenade mayhem serve no one


I was disappointed (and a bit surprised) to read a couple of letters to the editor last month complaining about dogs on the promenade.

I’ve been under the impression the pilot project has been running smoothly for the most part.

I’m to gather, from the letters, that there are a couple of citizens monitoring the pier and promenade very closely – one writer mentions living across the street from the promenade and boasts a constant surveillance of the area. The other writer mentions daily excursions and constant confrontations with dog owners.

Both writers of these letters are convinced the pilot project is a disaster – dogs are running amok and outnumbering the walkers on the promenade, dog owners are being rude and taxpayers are being dinged with the expense of paying bylaw officers to guard the pier.

The situation sounds dreadful. Both writers claim firsthand knowledge of the calamity, the destruction and the ruination of our most beloved tourist attraction.

Both writers are stretching the truth.

I am one of the daily dog walkers on the promenade. I’m sure I have crossed paths with both of these diligent monitors on many occasions (the haters of the pilot project are easy to recognize – they are not sending out warm or welcoming vibes, their disgust for my dog and me is etched on their faces).

Fortunately, the majority of people we see on the daily are lovely – my dog has made a whack of new friends on our excursions, we give and receive smiles like they’re free (wait a minute, smiles are free!)

I’m not arguing that all dog owners are responsible – I’ve seen the evidence that they are not. I’m not arguing that everyone loves my dog – I’ve seen the evidence that they don’t as well.

But I would like to point out that exaggerated claims of mayhem at the beach don’t serve anyone.

Elva Stoelers, White Rock

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