LETTERS: Expression’s etymology is obscure


Re: Expression is not OK in 2020, Sept. 24, letters

Mr. Routledge may be shocked to learn that there are actually Indians in the world, and they don’t mind being referred to as Indian. Since the etymology of the phrase ‘Indian Summer’ is obscure, some have noted that it begins in colonial Indian times, where it actually is summer-like weather every November.

Finding warm weather in November would remind returned Britons of what it was like at that time of year in India.

It’s frustrating that people jump to conclusions in their eagerness to jump on the train of being politically correct. Calling our Aboriginal peoples “Indian” is clearly incorrect, but saying that the word Indian is politically incorrect when the reference is not clearly referring to the indigenous peoples is over-reacting.

I’m surprised you bothered to print it.

Peter Addison, White Rock

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