LETTERS: Extend parking amnesty for White Rock residents

LETTERS: Extend parking amnesty for White Rock residents


As I write to you, I have just argued (politely) with a nice young lady from the City of White Rock who was ticketing cars on our block on Martin Street below North Bluff on a Saturday morning.

I cannot believe that the city is so broke that it needs to dip into the pockets of the unemployed and elderly to make up its shortfall.

We have had nearly two months of respite: we are all residents, but now we are asked to constantly move our cars every three hours.

This has to stop.

We have had representations at city hall in the past few years, but apparently all fallen on deaf ears.

We are not allowed to have a permit even on our quiet residential street where we have a huge presence of cement, dump trucks and non-resident cars, due to the Foster Martin construction project.

Why not continue the parking amnesty? There is no avalanche of outside visitors, no sane reason to ticket those of us here who pay taxes, especially since we are far from actually being free to move.

Mr. Mayor, please shake your parking department and make them listen to reason, we are not a parking problem.

A.P. Hovasse, White Rock

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