LETTERS: Failing grade for trash, water


I find it interesting to the effort White Rock is putting into finding a solution for single-family-dwelling waste removal.


I find it interesting to see how much time and effort White Rock city council is now putting into finding the best solution for single-family-dwelling waste removal.

While I am pleased that this particular demographic representation of our city is being well-served, I am appalled that strata owners and businesses have come out of all this as second-class citizens.

Add to that the poor oversight of deteriorating water quality over the years. Why are we only now discussing arsenic and manganese levels? The wells and reservoir that service most of the water needs for our building have reached the World Health Organization maximum allowable levels of arsenic and two-and-a-half times the recommended levels of manganese.

I find this very alarming, as, in order to remedy this situation, each citizen will need to purchase and install a reverse-osmosis system.

My understanding is that there is a possibility of having this situation remedied in 2018.

I’m not holding my breath.

When it comes to sanitation and water, the city gets a failing grade.

Lynda Hornby, White Rock