LETTERS: Faith in humanity restored by Good Samaritans


I hopped on the bus Thursday morning (Dec. 30) to go out to the South Surrey Rec center for my COVID-19 vaccine booster.

Stepping off the bus into about three feet of snow – up past my knees – was very difficult. Then, walking the un-shoveled sidewalk in almost knee-deep snow to the rec center also was terrible.

I finally made it inside, and the process was very quick.

Then, as I was walking towards the bus stop to head home – I was walking on part of the road because all of the sidewalks were atrocious – I slipped, twisted my knee and fell.

I laid there for a few seconds, yelling for help. This wonderful young guy came running and made sure I was OK. He was so good at keeping me calm, telling me there was no rush to get up, asked if I had hit my head, if I could move my arms and legs, if I needed an ambulance, etc. Then, another Good Samaritan came running and they both helped me to stand.

The wife of the first guy came running as well, and asked if she could drive me home.

I was talking to the two of them in the car, the woman’s name was Karlee (don’t know if I spelled that right) and the husband was Darren. I was telling them that I got my booster because I work in acute in the hospital. They asked where I worked and I mentioned the hospital here (Peace Arch Hospital) on the psych unit.

It was so ironic because Karlee was like, “Hey, I’m a LPN at PAH and I did a couple shifts on the psych unit” so, small world. It was just amazing how Darren knew exactly what to do and how to help, and for Karlee to be so kind and compassionate in driving me home. Someone was definitely looking out for me. My knee is quite sore, but I think with some rest, it will get better.

I cannot thank Karlee and Darren enough. They were incredibly kind and really restored my faith in humanity and that there are still good people out there.

Ashleigh Singleton, South Surrey

Letter to the Editor

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