LETTERS: Fired crossing guard treasured for keeping kids safe

LETTERS: Fired crossing guard treasured for keeping kids safe


Re: 1,100 sign to reinstate school crossing guard, Feb. 14

I walk my granddaughter to and from White Rock Elementary every day.

I think the Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth (who organize the crossing guards) need a new PR person to replace Capt. Len Mann, who’s responsible for firing Pat Savage, a crossing guard of several years.

In the article, Capt. Mann doesn’t not refer to any safety violations made by Ms. Savage, only uniform violations and not having a stop sign (when still showed up the day after she was fired to make sure someone was there to replace her, how many of us would do that?)

Then Capt. Mann lashes out at the parents. What’s up with that?

“Mann told PAN that the parents “shouldn’t meddle.” (They’re our kids, we’ll meddle all we want, sir).

“They should worry about the safety of the kids, not whether (Savage) is liked. The kids are nice and polite, the parents have to grow up and realize what we’re here for.”

The reason our crossing guards at White Rock are liked and treasured is because they do keep our kids safe and truly put their heart into their position.

Britta Volbek, White Rock

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