LETTERS: Gone are the days of respect

LETTERS: Gone are the days of respect


To the entitled man in his mid 60s, driving a grey Porsche:

I walked into my neighbourhood store, Red Rooster, on Dec. 28 at around 6:30 p.m. and saw that you were parked in the only handicapped parking spot. There were six other parking spots available, but you choose the one that you should not have. Was it just closer?

I approached you as you were leaving, knocked on your window, and said that you seemed to be quite able-bodied.

You said you were.

When I asked you why you would park in the handicapped parking, you told me to eff-off.

I told you about my mother-in-law with MS and how she always has a hard time parking.

You then proceeded to call me a very bad word. I got angry and responded in frustration.

I don’t get it.

People who break the law, these entitled people, seem to run rampant in this town.

I have lived here for over 30 years. I loved this place at one time and now, I think not so much.

Rules apply to all of us, no matter our wealth, or status. It is a social contract that we sign on for, and we commit to, regardless of anything.

That people of a certain age and status often feel that the rules do not apply makes me truly sad.

I didn’t realize that speaking out was a bad thing, to be called a ___ for speaking the truth.

White Rock has turned into a place that very many of us who started here will leave, because of people like you.

Gone are the days of respect, tolerance and abiding by rules that we all must abide by.

I, for one, will be out of here in 2020.

Marcia Friesen, White Rock