LETTERS: Government subsidies favouring fossil fuels

LETTERS: Government subsidies favouring fossil fuels


Re: Canada lags in move toward green economy, column, Peace Arch News, June 14.

Although I’ve never (nor likely ever will) own or operate any form of motor vehicle, there are many green-minded people who rely upon their fossil-fuel-powered cars (though likely still efficient), since they haven’t had a monetarily feasible opportunity to acquire an electric vehicle.

Also, I believe it’s no coincidence that the first thing upon his party’s entry into office after an election won, in part with fossil-fuel industry donations, Premier Doug Ford cancelled government rebate incentives for electric car buyers in Ontario.

It was claimed by many, even outside of Ontario, that governments shouldn’t subsidize electric vehicles – all the while profitable oil and LNG companies are heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

Meanwhile, our supposedly environmentally concerned federal government, besides yet again deciding in favour of tripling the dirty-energy diluted bitumen oil flow via Trans Mountain, early this year gave the increasingly outdated fossil-fuel sector 12 times as much subsidization as they allocated towards clean renewable energy technology innovations.

Frank Sterle Jr., White Rock