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LETTERS: Green Space columnist could be our own Greta Thunberg


Re: The composting conundrum, Jan. 24, column.

I was delighted to read Miranda Clark’s “Green Space” column, because my family has struggled with what to do with soft plastic waste, knowing its harm to all species.

Miranda acknowledges that “we continue to search for answers to this conundrum,” and she is leading this search locally while only in Grade 12.

The fashion these days is to give lip-service to climate-change concerns, when we need concrete action and recognition that we are damaging our environment by much more than carbon-dioxide overproduction.

I fought for years against the use of cosmetic pesticides before giving up, because there was not a single local or provincial politician interested in the cause. I fought for years for more green conscientiousness in schools but found school authorities uninterested.

I hope Miranda does not give up, and becomes our Greta Thunberg.

Her column should be toward the front of your newspaper – not just because of what she says but what she does.

Jim McMurtry, Surrey


Thank you to Miranda Clark for the very informative column on the non-compostable, “compostable” containers, I have been happily putting them in my green bin.

I enjoy her columns and learn something new from each one.

Keep up the good work, Miranda.

Maria Walsh, Surrey

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