LETTERS: Happy (early) Halloween for seniors group

LETTERS: Happy (early) Halloween for seniors group


Halloween came a day early at the Centre for Active Living to allow for great grandchildren and grandchildren to trick or treat from their families.

It seems Gene, one of the instructors for carcass repair, dressed in a red cape and tights was having difficulties keeping a straight face and an accurate count of the exercises while watching a green, scaled dragon with sunglasses dusting off dirt from it’s tail after dragging it across the floor.

The clinical rehab specialist, Fred, periodically appeared in a lovely set of tights to take pictures and pillage the nut selections.

The reactions ranged from giggles to outright belly laughs when a doctor and his nurse, complete with witch’s hat, white jacket and long stringy red hair, prepared to do a bit of a check-up using engine room utensils.

In the background were horns and necklaces of flashing lights.

One woman brought treats and carved out a pumpkin and decorated it for a give-away.

Black bats and gold spiders drifted through the exercises with, “Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe” playing in the background.

Suzanne Gerard, White Rock