LETTERS: ‘Hundreds’ of pet owners breaking dog ban

LETTERS: ‘Hundreds’ of pet owners breaking dog ban


With the looming and controversial dog trial beginning in October, during the crucial bird migration ‘on’ season, it is important to know what kinds of people will be bringing their dogs to the promenade.

Simply put, those who don’t care about the law, environment or wildlife and think it doesn’t apply them.

Bylaw 1959 bans dogs from the promenade, which includes the grassy area, but you wouldn’t know it, from the hundreds of people this year that disobey the law daily.

Go and look for yourselves. The City of White Rock bylaw – well aware of the problem – have ‘stepped’ up patrols. They have a vast collection of photographs documenting the infractions many of which are committed by repeat offenders, and I’m curious to know how many $1,000 tickets have been issued in 2019.

Hopefully hundreds, otherwise what motivation do people have to obey a law that is not enforced?

Many people think they have found a clever loophole around bylaw 1959, and instead of walking their dog on the promenade they pick it up and carry it. Last week I overheard some passersby ask a man carrying his dog why he was carrying it. His reply was that dogs were not allowed here.

Then why did you bring your dog here, knowing it was not permitted? News flash, carrying your dog where it is not permitted, does not change the dog’s DNA. The dog is still a dog and you are still breaking the law.

The provincial Wildlife Act prohibits off-leash dogs on the beach, and this includes East Beach near Semiahmoo First Nation. Since the promenade provides access to the beach, many of us are very concerned about the health of the environment, foreshore and wildlife during migration season this fall, winter and spring, during the trial, when thousands of people that don’t care show up.

Adrian Brown, Surrey