LETTERS: In defence of all religions

LETTERS: In defence of all religions

Editor: Re: Vandals target parish, Nov. 24.


Re: Vandals target parish, Nov. 24.

I was shocked to read in Peace Arch News that the RCMP were treating a blatant attack on religious symbols belonging to the Roman Catholic parish in Cloverdale as a “nuisance.”

If this had been a desecration of a Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist gathering place, I would imagine the police force would respond with a prompt and serious investigation. There would be special officers assigned.

No doubt an RCMP spokesperson would roundly condemn the act. And rightly so.

The splattering of “fake blood” over religious statues and other areas at Sacred Blood Parish and elementary school is clearly an act of Christophobia and must be fully investigated.

It is true that treating all such acts equally under the law will be difficult, but this is the price we must expect to pay as a result of our new multicultural society.

Christians, Christian institutions and Christian celebrations are under growing attacks at home and around the world. It is the duty of the police force to treat all citizens equally. That would include treating malicious and sacrilegious acts of violence against Catholics in particular and Christians in general, seriously.

Paul Griffin, White Rock