Rachel Yu, 17, works on the 'Lifting Hands' mural, underway on a wall of The Summit complex, across from the Peace Arch Hospital emergency entrance. (Tracy Holmes photo)

LETTERS: Income not a great indication of societal value

Healthcare workers deserve more than a small fraction of professional athletes’ salaries


I was under the impression that people were compensated according to the contribution they make to society. It appears that I was wrong.

A man (and it’s mostly men) who kicks, throws, hits, and/or catches a ball, or slaps a puck, can make tens of millions of dollars a year, while someone who improves – even saves – people’s lives doesn’t make one million in 10 years.

COVID-19 has shown us the true value of people. Because the coronavirus is highly contagious, professional sports were cancelled for a number of months. Nobody died because of it.

Imagine if all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, firefighters, physiotherapists, dentists, hygienists, etc. didn’t report for work for six months. Millions of people would die. Millions more would lose their quality of life.

Yet most healthcare professionals make a mere fraction of a professional athlete’s income.

Where’s the justice in that?

Jerry Steinberg, Surrey

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