LETTERS: Lack of action on illegal dumping frustrates Surrey building management company


Re: Surrey to crack down on illegal dumping, June 30

We manage a small group of commercial buildings in South Surrey. Illegal dumping is an issue we deal with on a weekly, if not daily, basis. The financial and physical burden for cleanup falls on the property owner, with no recourse.

Most of the items abandoned are household and construction waste, much like the file photo on page A8. Suggesting that commercial dumpsters remain locked “when not used by owner” is ineffective. People who illegally dump aren’t concerned with where the refuse lands.

If the City is capable of issuing fines based on licence plates, why isn’t it extended to those captured on security footage dumping on private property?

City of Surrey bylaw enforcement received video evidence from July 12, 2021 showing a Dodge pickup truck, its licence plate visible, unload refuse into our cardboard bin. The resulting action – nothing.

R. Bobsien, Manager,

Windsor Square Project

Letter to the Editor