LETTERS: Last chance to have your say on Semiahmoo Town Centre plan

LETTERS: Last chance to have your say on Semiahmoo Town Centre plan


We would like to advise readers that the proposed Semiahmoo Town Centre Plan is, as of now anyway, on the agenda for Surrey city council’s meeting on Monday, Jan. 27.

If you aren’t happy with the possibility of up to 20- to 24-storey towers being built on the site of the Semiahmoo Mall, and many 12-storey buildings in the so-called transitional areas facing existing three- and four-storey apartment buildings, this is your last chance to make your objections to the project known.

We, the Semiahmoo Residents Association (SRA), have been meeting with City staff to try to persuade them to produce a plan with more moderate growth that minimizes impacts on existing residential areas.

While agreement has been reached on some matters, an impasse has been reached on most major provisions in the proposed plan.

Because Surrey’s secondary plan process gives us no opportunity to talk to council directly (there is no public hearing allowed), we have now written to city council, requesting them to consider and the 24 recommendations that we are making.

We believe these recommendations would produce a more moderate growth plan, which would be more respectful of the quality of life of current residents in the area. Included are several very pertinent recommendations regarding the planning process itself.

We are not advocating for stopping all development here, but for a more moderate approach in this small town centre that is outside Metro Vancouver’s urban concentration area and not on a rapid transit line.

We invite the public to read our letter and all 24 recommendations on our website www.semiresassoc.com and to contact us at semi.res.assoc@gmail.com or via our Facebook page (Semiahmoo Residents Association).

In view of the limited time frame, we also encourage the public to directly email city council if you support all or some of our recommendations (mayor@surrey.ca and councillors@surrey.ca).

Rosemary Zelinka, Vice President, Semiahmoo Residents Association

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