LETTERS: Lead through co-operation

LETTERS: Lead through co-operation

Editor: I am happy to be living at a time when political parties will be compelled co-operate.


I am happy to be living at a time when three political parties in B.C. will now be compelled by circumstances to learn how to co-operate – not bargain with or attack each other – in governing the province in a manner that will hopefully and equitably deliver benefits for all citizens.

It has long been evident that all party platforms, at whatever level of government, have “pros and cons,” with no party being so omniscient as to declare theirs is better than others.

The advancement of the human race has been best served by co-operation and mutual assistance, backed by a willingness to try doing something to see if it “works” and being willing to change course if the attempt doesn’t bear good fruit or needs modification.

Merrill Muttart, White Rock