LETTERS: Leave some courts for the tennis players

LETTERS: Leave some courts for the tennis players


The City of White Rock has sent out a survey by email asking people’s opinion about painting pickleball lines on the tennis courts at “5 courts” in White Rock.

It seems that the pickleballers want to take over all the tennis courts in the area and I think this is completely unfair to the tennis players. If you’ve tried to play tennis on a tennis court that has pickleball court lines painted on it, you will discover that it is not as easy as you think.

I think it is selfish of the pickleballers to want to do this.

The pickleballers have eight courts already on the upper tennis courts at “5 courts.”

They also use the courts that they have taken over by the South Surrey ice rink, plus the indoor courts at the South Surrey recreation centre are available to them, as well as indoor courts at the curling rink during the summer months.

What more do they want? Leave some tennis courts for people who play tennis.

If the pickleballers are so intent on having more courts available they should be pursuing the construction of a large pickleball centre, outdoor and indoor, by the City of White Rock or by the City of White Rock and the City of Surrey together.

By the way, I may take up pickleball because I think it can be a lot of fun.

I have my own paddle and I have been practising with a friend. It is a fun game.

So I am not a pickleball hater, but I am a person who thinks that we have to be considerate of others.

Roger Currie, Surrey