The intersection of Marine Drive and Oxford Street in White Rock should have an advanced left-turn light for eastbound traffic looking to go north, says letter-writer Don Campbell. (Nick Greenizan photo)

LETTERS: Left-turn light needed at Oxford and Marine

Dogs running off-leash in South Surrey park also rankle writer


I wish to commend the four letter writers in the Feb. 24 edition of the Peace Arch News.

Thank you Barbara, Susan, Bev and Shirley for excellent and thought-provoking letters. I agreed with all four writers and it is refreshing to have the entire letters page be of such quality.

On a couple of other matters, I raised over a year ago with the City of White Rock about the necessity of installing a left turn arrow for eastbound traffic on Marine Drive wishing to turn north on Oxford. I pointed out the congestion and frustration for motorists when it is busy on the waterfront, for both those attempting to turn up Oxford and the dozens of vehicles that are backed up waiting behind.

The City did reply and said they would look into it. They did, and saw no problem.

I suggested they go to the waterfront on a sunny, warm weekend day or holiday and check it out again. To their credit, the city got back to me and agreed there definitely was a problem and they would come up with a solution.

Unfortunately nothing has been done about it and the problem continues and in fact has gotten worse. For such a simple solution for an ongoing issue with congestion – adding a left turn arrow to the traffic signal – it seems to be too much for the powers to be at city hall. I’ll keep hoping.

My second concern is with another ongoing problem, this time at Bakerview Park in South Surrey with dogs running off-leash through the park and on playing fields.

There are signs posted clearly at the parking lot entrance that dogs are not allowed on the playing fields and that Bakerview is not an off-leash park. There have been numerous complaints to the City of Surrey and last year there was some enforcement, but it’s back to the same nonsense this year, actually worse.

What is wrong with some dog owners?

Don Campbell, South Surrey

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