LETTERS: Let’s celebrate being Canadian without segregation


Re: Expression is not OK in 2020 Sept. 24 letters

I must confess I was triggered by the letter, by Ian Routledge, in the Sept. 24 edition condemning April Lewis’ reference to the expression “Indian Summer.”

I have written several publications in recent months expressing my surprise that after condemning “systemic racism” with respect to Indigenous people in Canada, the prime minister has made, to my knowledge, no move to replace or rename the Indian Act of 1867, 1951, which clearly treat racial groups on the basis of their racial genetics.

I personally had the privilege to be born in exactly the right place and exactly the right time in world history. Immigrants to Canada – who represented about five per cent of the population at the time of my birth and are now in excess of 20 per cent – had the privilege of having Canada to come to.

I hope, moving forward, that Canadians can celebrate Canadian privilege and being Canadians and not be segregated by race as we have been for 153 years.

Bob Holden, White Rock

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