LETTERS: Letter’s content breached parameters of debate

LETTERS: Letter’s content breached parameters of debate


Re: ‘We all cherry-pick scripture,’ May 1, letters

I have always enjoyed a good debate and I was delighted to see someone had responded to my letter.

Politics, religion and the humanities are great sources of debate, mainly because of the inconsistencies and paradoxes, the Old and New Testaments being wonderful sources.

A good debate is not only interesting, but is usually a learning experience as well.

However, words such as ‘upbraiding’ and ‘triumphant assertion’ are not challenging, but rather demeaning.

Re-reading my own letter, I find no evidence of anger or acrimony.

Exchange of ideas or beliefs are useless if not presented respectfully.

I have clearly stated that although I do not agree, I also do not judge.

Aside from that, Maureen Kerr’s letter met all requirements for debate until the final sentence, and that destroyed any possibility for debate.

No true Christians, no believers in theism could ever be so arrogant as to think they answer to themselves and not to their God. That borders on atheism.

I realized that the last sentence of my original letter falls into the same category as I state that each one will answer to God alone.

That, too, is not debatable.

Helen Friesen, Surrey