LETTERS: Loud vehicles on the radar of White Rock RCMP

Conversation with city’s top cop left resident feeling reassured


Re: Driver cited for vehicle noise akin to a plane, April 22

My husband and I live on the corner of North Bluff Road and Oxford Street. We are regularly assaulted with the noise of enhanced exhaust systems in expensive imported cars and in older model Hondas, Camaros, etc.

Then there are the motorcycles that not only have enhanced exhaust systems, but also riders who wish to share their music, which must be louder than their bikes. Often, we must close our windows and outside doors as we cannot talk to each other due to the noise.

However, I was heartened after speaking with Staff Sgt. Kale Pauls, of White Rock RCMP, who listened sympathetically to my issues and, in fact, commented that he could hear one loud car through my phone. More importantly, Staff Sgt. Pauls outlined the police plan for addressing this relentless noise.

He took the time to send me an email, which I can share with other residents of our building. He tells me that the police are well aware of the noise and will be addressing it through a concentrated campaign of traffic enforcement targeting excessive exhaust noise, not just on Marine Drive but in other locations in White Rock.

I would expect that PAN will be reporting more on this issue as the summer unfolds.

I certainly have every intention of letting Staff Sgt. Pauls know when we see, excuse me, when we hear a decrease in noise and also if we do not hear a change. Right now, I remain hopeful and appreciative of the efforts I heard from the staff sergeant.

Sheila Davidson, White Rock

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