LETTERS: Many ‘viruses’ can be cured through co-operation

LETTERS: Many ‘viruses’ can be cured through co-operation


The novel coronavirus attacks human beings and cares not a hoot what your citizenship is – we are all citizens of a common homeland and all are potentially under attack.

To try to prevent it from spreading around the world, humans are learning they must co-operate on a global scale. This is much-needed and valuable learning for everyone, particularly leaders of countries and international organizations. Maybe the “virus of war” and other such kinds of “viruses” like prejudice, injustice, outdated culturally determined practices, etc., could be resolved by also invoking the power that becomes available to us when we unite and co-operate to defeat a common enemy.

If we cannot do this, is there anything else that will unite us in our quest to do a better job in equitably serving the human race and caring for the garden we live in?

Merrill Muttart, White Rock