LETTERS: McCallum leading Surrey down a dangerous and expensive road

LETTERS: McCallum leading Surrey down a dangerous and expensive road


I believe Surrey mayor Doug McCallum is leading us down a dangerous and expensive road with his edict on replacing the RCMP with a homegrown municipal force.

Having worked as a public servant for decades, specifically on change management, I think our mayor is blinded by his bias. Policing, like any other service, is a system. It interacts with social, health, and justice services within the community and province.

To assume that there will be better results by changing uniforms, labels, and management is naive, if not irresponsible.

In fact, I would guess that crime and violence will increase during, and for a few years post, transition. In a decade from now, not much will be different than what we experience today. Other than we will be paying more and likely getting less, unless we improve the other related services – for example, mental health services and social services and our justice system, all of which are outside the scope of municipal authority.

The lack of meaningful public input and a referendum goes to show that our political system is also quite lacking.

Anyone under the present political system, even when they represent a small minority of the populace, can take us down the slippery slope to wasting more resources for lower quality services.

I pray that the B.C. provincial authorities will see the potential disaster we are heading towards and listen to the people.

Weak politicians love to reorganize the deck chairs on sinking ships. Effective leaders, on the other hand, listen to and serve the interests of the greater good.

Great leaders look to change the system(s) and not the people working within them. Blaming workers is an insult and shows a lack of understanding of governance.

When’s the next municipal election?

John Mackintosh, Surrey