LETTERS: Missed opportunities


Re: Little to distinguish candidate, Nov. 18 letters; Baldwin voted back in, Nov. 18.


Re: Little to distinguish candidate, Nov. 18 letters.

Diane Salter’s letter in the PAN was right on.

I scoured the papers for weeks trying to find out what qualifications the candidates had.

Ended up throwing darts to select the candidates I voted for – well not quite, but it wasn’t that far off.

Even now, after the election, I would like to know what qualifications these elected candidates have.

Paul Lambert, Surrey

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Re: Baldwin voted back in, Nov. 18.

Our community has recently endured an election in which some politics directed at both mayoralty and councillors alike were at best described as questionable.

A famous quote of Michael Bassey Johnson is worth a thought: “Good leaders come together to solve problems in order to make a peaceful coexistence, but just a single soul can become the leathery meat in the soup.”

What I speak of is the direct quote of Mayor Wayne Baldwin, with his rather pompous quote: “Quite frankly, I think the people made the right choice.”

While such a thought would be only fair for Baldwin to think, it is not the well-thought-out or spoken words of a true community leader.

Being humble and gracious are not bad qualities of a ranking civic leader.

Ron Eves, White Rock