LETTERS: More dogs than people on the promenade

LETTERS: More dogs than people on the promenade


Are there any city council members observing the new winter trial program with dogs on the promenade? I observe it all day, everyday, as I live across the street from the promenade.

There are so many dogs and they seem to all walk right in the middle of the narrow promenade. As well, a lot of the promenade areas are quite slanted on the sides (being a brick structure) so it is often difficult for people trying to get by others in either direction.

Today I saw five people in a row, each having two large dogs and one with three large dogs. A lady was trying to get through this convoy, having to slow down, then make a dash through them.

A majority of the dogs are stopping at most trees trying to do their duty, again and again.

The lovely green space we have on the one side of the pier will be full of dog pee that can’t be “picked up.”

I watch from my window the fellow that walks this grass steadily in his bare feet and cringe as to what he is stepping on with each step. I wouldn’t even wear my sandals on this grass anymore.

I am a steady walker on the promenade and feel so fortunate to live so close to enjoy it. However, my winter promenade walks have been spoiled, as there are far too many dogs walking on the promenade when there is barely enough room for three people to walk side by side as it is, let alone dogs as well.

The “No Dogs Allowed” signs for the pier are not working. The entrance sign is parallel to the pier and another at the end of the pier. There have been many dogs on the pier and when dog walkers are approached (as I have heard from quite a few people) the answer is, “Oh, just saw the sign at the end of the pier so we’re walking off now.” Where are the bylaw officers?

People enjoy walking on the promenade for the beautiful ocean view and evening sunsets. I’m not sure the dogs are experiencing this same ambiance.

There has got to be a different resource for dogs to get their exercise. There appears to be more dogs than people lately.

I truly hope the city of White Rock are taking a very close watch on this “trial” program.

A.J. Chapman, White Rock