LETTERS: More fallout over tour


Re: Beachfront chopper tour irks residents, July 27; Criticisms loom…, ‘Question of being a good neighbour,’ Aug. 5


Re: Beachfront chopper tour irks residents, July 27.

Well, another day at White Rock Airport… Ducks and Geese taking off in all directions, I’m sure bewildered by the new noise.

A very hot day today and all my windows closed tight, due to aviation fumes.

This surely cannot be allowed to continue, if I am relatively healthy and am getting headaches from the fumes surely those of us with poor health and those with allergies must be suffering badly.

The write-up in Peace Arch News regarding the helicopters stressed noise, but the concern is very definitely the fumes.

I do understand the location of the landing/takeoff spot is not governed by the City of White Rock, but surely White Rock citizens are suffering from this pollution and must be heard.

TRK are in for the money, as attested by the response from the owner. We in White Rock would not complain “if a pin dropped”, but when my health is affected I will continue to shout.

Deanna Kott, White Rock

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Re: Criticisms loom over ‘copter tour, Aug. 5 letters.

I wonder if the letter-writer who wrote “now that they (the residents) have money and the ‘status’ of being able to live in White Rock” considers that many of us have lived here for along time – in our case 30 years, well before it became a ‘status’ place to live.

It sounds like sour grapes to me.

White Rock used to be a quiet town. And by the way, surprising as it may seem to you, we would not have considered making money in this way even if we’d had the money or the ‘guts’ to run a helicopter.

Sorry you don’t live here to enjoy the noise.

G. Merschenz, White Rock

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Re: ‘Question of being a good neighbour,’ Aug. 5.

The Semiahmoo First Nation idea of offering helicopter rides is a great idea and a lot of fun for persons of all ages.

Maybe they could have a children’s carnival midway with rides and games on the site for from May to September next summer?

It’s interesting that the mayor of ‘Arsenic Wells’ – a.k.a. White Rock – wants the Semiahmoo First Nation to be a “good neighbour” and shut down the helicopter rides. Now if he would take his own advice and mind his own business.

Don MacKay, White Rock