LETTERS: More fodder for mayor’s anti-RCMP stance

LETTERS: More fodder for mayor’s anti-RCMP stance


MayorDoug McCallum’s response to the details of this decision by the Parole Board of Canada should not be surprising for those who have followed the mayor’s personal campaign against the Surrey RCMP with his usual tunnel vision.

He does not let the facts get in the way of his efforts to discredit the RCMP at every opportunity as the province goes through its review of the proposed replacement of the RCMP by a Surrey Police force.

As Surrey RCMP Asst. Cmsr. Brian Edwards stated, the mayor has been ‘personally advised’ of the situation on two separate occasions, as well as the legal obligation of the RCMP and the city to balance the privacy of individuals and the risk to public safety.

Of course, Mayor McCallum does not concern himself with legalities as he takes every chance to paint the RCMP with a negative brush. Maybe he should let his concerns be known to the parole board and state his support for the efforts of the RCMP and correctional services of Canada in monitoring the activities of Gary Jagur Singh, rather than using this situation to further his personal agenda at the expense of public safety.

Wayne G. Mercer, Surrey

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