LETTERS: More pressing matters than dog droppings

LETTERS: More pressing matters than dog droppings


Re: Pull plug on ‘ridiculous’ dog trial, letters, Oct. 11

I am wondering what things Alex G. has to “put up” with in daily life that dogs on the promenade warrants such a vehement response? What you pay attention to grows. The same is true for mood and emotions.

My experience on day two was different – some people (I think we counted seven) were brave enough to bring their dog for a peaceful walk in my favourite spot on Earth.

My dog was curious at first, trying to smell everything, but after a few minutes she calmed down and settled into walking between her two people. That was a relief as, like others, we want this to go well.

I was nervous that we would be told we shouldn’t be there. We were greeted by many pleasant smiles and welcomes to the promenade. I also run on the promenade without my dog.

Virtually all dogs have been well-behaved and the owners with excited dogs were clearly working on teaching their dogs.

I heard a grandma explaining to a preschooler to ask before approaching a dog — excellent advice to practise as little ones can go for tails and mouths.

My experience down on the promenade has been entirely different to Alex’s. If I had seen that poo I would have picked it up to make Alex’s day less heinous. We are truly privileged to live here for many reasons.

For some of us, our daily life is enriched by the inclusion of our dogs. I hope that we can all find a way to get along and co-exist in peace, and perhaps consider putting our attention to more pressing matters in the world.

Moira Wallenius, White Rock