A May 15 fire that began in a construction site and left more than 100 homeless has left many with comments.

A May 15 fire that began in a construction site and left more than 100 homeless has left many with comments.

LETTERS: More questions follow fire fight


Re: Five Corners up in flames; Fire and lack of water don’t mix; Re: ‘Extraordinary’ blaze tapped system, May 18-20.


Re: Five Corners up in flames, May 18.

Regarding the recent fires in White Rock and Victoria, both involved new wood-frame construction sites in close proximity to existing, occupied buildings.

There should be a requirement that such construction sites should never be left unattended. A watch person should be required on site at all times when workers are not there until the building is completed and occupied.

Both these recent fire occurred during non-working times, late night, early mornings, weekends, etc., and got out of control before they were noticed.

Let’s make this change now before it happens again.

Jim Bloye, Surrey

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Re: Fire and lack of water don’t mix, May 18 letters.

In response to Mark Tyson’s letter, I agree 100 per cent.

I have to wonder why White Rock is not tapped into salt water from our oceanfront? Why are we tapping into drinking water? Why doesn’t White Rock Fire Department tap into that? Seems logical to me, if one large fire can drain the city’s supply of drinking water.

I do want to give props to the city for their response and support for the residents affected, and to the first responders who did a great job in tough situation. It was also nice to see the community supporting the victims and first responders. Makes me proud to be a part of this community.

Now, White Rock, tap into the sea water for all fire hydrants. I think I’ve seen this in other communities and the hydrants are red with blue tops.

I assume maybe salt water could damage equipment used by the fire department, but I would still like to hear why we are not doing it.

John Meneray, White Rock

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Re: ‘Extraordinary’ blaze tapped system, May 20.

Um… I’m sorry… what?

According to the Peace Arch News article, White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin claims it was never necessary to boil our water here following the fire at Five Corners.

Maybe he doesn’t realize we citizens were led to believe the water supply had been compromised and that unhealthy substances were present in what was left of the water until the supply was re-established to the normal level. The mayor stated he did not bother to boil his water because it wasn’t a concern, or words to that effect.

The same article states “the city” had issued a boil-water advisory. Now, call me what you will, but my understanding is that Baldwin is, in fact, the mayor of “the city.” So… stay with me here… are we then to conclude that our mayor is somehow disconnected with the workings of “the city” and he will do as he pleases regardless of a potential health concern at that time?

I have to admit I have serious concerns about the overall future of “the city” when there is this kind of disconnect evident between the mayor and the city and the people who live here.

I don’t know, I kind of thought we were all working together to make this city the best place there is to live.

What is our mayor up to?

Debbie Laturnus, White Rock