50 km/hr speed limit sign.

LETTERS: More speed limit signs, four-way stops needed along busy Buena Vista Ave.


It was close to 10 p.m. when I looked through a window to see a fire truck and police cars with flashing lights traveling east on Buena Vista toward Finlay Street.

There was an ambulance on site and the street was closed. A car driving uphill had collided with the community shuttle bus.

I have seen few near-miss incidents at this busy intersection, with stop signs only on Finlay.

Buena Vista is a busy street with many commercial vehicles and speeding cars.

This is a small city and a walker’s paradise. Natural beauty is in abundance. I appreciate seeing and meeting many seniors and others walking on the streets, and enjoying life in the difficult pandemic period.

Can the streets be calmed from reckless driving?

I am requesting that the city consider making residential streets safer with four-way stops, and more speed-limit signs.

Furthermore, I’d ask them to provide White Rock RCMP with more resources to help them be effective in enforcing the speed limits.

Nirmal S. Takhar, White Rock

Letter to the Editor