LETTERS: More than ornaments, thieves stole sense of wellbeing

LETTERS: More than ornaments, thieves stole sense of wellbeing


This is my Christmas wish list. I want it back. All of it.

The relentless stealing from my cars, my garage, my backyard. This hit me at the worst time this year. Thieves went into my garage and went through my Christmas boxes. I live in what I thought was a quiet neighbourhood off 20 Avenue and King George.

Normally, I would get angry at myself, because I may have foolishly left the car open – once it was the sunroof. But this time it was different.

Thieves were in my garage for an extended amount of time and helped themselves to Christmas ornaments that were collected over the last 20 years. Nothing expensive, just special to me.

Two bells from the Christmas movie The Polar Express, a hand-blown RV ornament with a tree on it, white snowflakes made of cardboard, wrapped with tinsel to name a few. Not to mention a whole plastic bin with wrapping paper and other ornaments.

I am a 60-year-old lady who has lost five members of my family, lost my job, and I struggle to my pay bills.

But the punch to the gut was that they took the time to open boxes, take the ornaments out of their original boxes, then they put them carefully back in and then back into the bin and put the bin back where they found it.

We have a neighbourhood watch – it makes no difference. We notify the police – it continues anyway. Police are overwhelmed, and the stealing is getting worse.

I want it back, the security of living without a high fence surrounding my home.

The feeling that my neighbours and I don’t have to live with cameras and motion lights. I don’t want to have to cable my Christmas lights with a lock so that no one steals them.

So my plea goes out to the thieves. Bring it back. If it is the money you need I will give you money. If you can look at those stolen ornaments on your tree, does it make you proud?

I can’t fix what is wrong with your life, so why do you feel the need to break mine? This is the time of giving. Give them back. This is the time we forgive. I forgive you, as you don’t know what a hurtful hole this has created. I beg you to stop.

I am asking the city to do something more by having more police out on our streets. I am asking everyone to speak to their family when you know things appear in your home without a valid reason.

It’s not just stuff. It’s the memory of the sister and brother and mother who passed away.

The five-year-old son who saved his money to go to the movie that year, these were my struggles, and you stole the awards for those milestones.

This is my wish.

Susan Martin, Surrey