LETTERS: Move to develop South Campbell Heights is short-sighted

Hotter, drier weather will have an even greater impact on Surrey


Thank you for making public Surrey city council’s plan to “develop” several hundred acres of South Campbell Heights to “increase land for… business park and industrial uses.”

This is shorted-sighted for financial gain and blind to increases in hotter, drier summers and more violent storms and flooding.

As the potential loss of property and life in the arson at A Rocha demonstrated, Surrey is not immune to drought and fire.

Surrey is estimated to lose 50-100 per cent of its berry crops, 25-30 per cent of other produce, reduced milk production, loss of salmon streams, rising sea level, insect outbreaks and other environmental damage.

Our family is opposed to this planned development of South Campbell Heights.

Although I live in White Rock, we own property in Surrey and have written city councillors of our opposition.

Susan Lindenberger, White Rock

Letter to the Editor