LETTERS: MP’s OpEd right on the money

LETTERS: MP’s OpEd right on the money


Re: Citizens deserve straight answers, Dec. 11

I wish to express my complete agreement to the views expressed by Ken Hardie, MP, Fleetwood-Port Kells, and encourage all concerned Surrey residents to contact their MLA to urge intervention in the manner in which Mayor McCallum and his bare Safe Surrey majority is proceeding to create a Surrey Police Service to replace the RCMP.

As noted in MP Hardie’s OpEd, the mayor continues to act as though he received a strong vote of confidence in the last election (while having only received a 13 per cent vote) and claims the on-going support of the “silent majority” (following the overwhelming opposition expressed at the public hearing of the city’s financial plan).

If he is so sure of that support, he should be prepared to put the question to a referendum, or at least, hold a public hearing, specifically to gather and consider public input on the matter.

Gil Mervyn, Surrey