LETTERS: Multiple ‘superb’ mayoral candidates risk splitting the vote


I am delighted to see that Gordon Hogg and Sukh Dhaliwal are running for mayor.

Each of them would be a superb voice for the City of Surrey. So, too, would be Jinny Sims and Brenda Locke.

The sad possibility is that with so many remarkably astute and capable candidates, the vote will be so severely split that the present incumbent could find himself re-elected with a tiny percentage of the total.

The priority at Surrey City Hall must be to oust Mr. McCallum and his profoundly incompetent and undemocratic administration.

While each candidate believes fervently that they have a solid base of support, their challenge, now must be to find a way to unite behind a single candidate.

I hope we will see a display of political courage among the candidates.

George Zukerman, South Surrey

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