LETTERS: New parking rules limiting use of Peace Arch Park

LETTERS: New parking rules limiting use of Peace Arch Park

Editor: Re: Signs privatize a public park, letters, June 7

Thank you, Garry Rolls, for your concerns about the newly installed no parking signs.

I wholly agree. Living on Peace Park Drive, myself and other neighbouring householders received a letter from Surrey City Hall stating it had “come to their attention” that the road around the east and north side of the park was not wide enough to accommodate parked cars.

That is probably correct. I was informed by a city hall staffer that walking access is available from the west section of the park.

However, a main walking route over would involve crossing three traffic lanes going south and a minimum of three lanes of traffic stretching to as many as seven lanes of regular traffic and three lanes of Nexus lanes going north. Good luck with that.

From our place, looking west across the park, we no longer see nearly as many family picnics, wedding parties and other outdoor activities as in the past when parking was allowed along Peace Park Drive.

One answer could be the removal of the hedge to make room for parallel parking. I know this would be unpopular. However, this might be the way to restore ready access to the east half of Peace Arch Park to members of the taxpaying public arriving in vehicles, which includes families managing baby carriages and young children, the elderly and the disabled.

John Bowen, Surrey