LETTERS: No call for ‘highrises for homeless’ in housing report


Re: Outrageous social agenda, May 20 letters

The recent letter to the editor from Paul Griffin of White Rock reflected, among other things, a misunderstanding of the report to which he referred.

First, the document came from the Housing Advisory Committee in White Rock not “outrageous social activists.”

Second, there was no call for “highrises for the homeless” in the report. Instead, a broad range of housing options for the broad range of White Rock residents were suggested for council’s consideration, with an emphasis on matching the housing with the needs of our community, especially in terms of affordability.

Like Mr. Griffin, I agree with the council’s decisions on the report, but not for his reasons since those were based on misunderstanding.

I also agree with his statement that “we want a family-oriented, civilized, peaceful community without massive high-rises and government-subsidized ghettos.”

To do this, we must understand who the residents in our community are. I encourage him and others to read the Housing Needs Report from November 2021 and watch this 20-minute video, just released, called Lauren’s Story, which introduces some of our community members in need of housing: https://bit.ly/3MbwylS

In sum, let’s ensure we have the kind of community Mr. Griffin wants, based on an understanding of how best to serve all community members.

Stephen Crozier, White Rock

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