LETTERS: No future generations

LETTERS: No future generations

Editor: Prime minister is marching with the Pride people, giving his support. Thousands are with him


The prime minister of Canada is marching with the Pride people, waving happily his rainbow flag and giving his full support to this lifestyle. And thousands of Canadians are with him.

What kind of lifestyle are these Pride people representing? Two men together and two women together. Not a man and woman together. This means: there are no fathers and mothers, no children – yes, not a single child – no brothers or sisters, no grandsons or granddaughters, no grandmothers or grandfathers. Yes, no family and no relatives.

Imagine a community without children and without family. It is simply the end of world. No babies, no playing-and-jumping kids, empty schoolyards. And a thousand other nothings.

And today’s marching people with this lifestyle – two men and two women – are the final generation of this celebrated culture of death. This is not a hate speech, but the facts about the Pride people without future.

L. Myyra, White Rock